Life presents many opportunities,,, it’s up to you how you manage it.​

At New-Miracles, LLC we don’t believe in employment, we believe in deployment!!!

If you are just wanting a Job to make money, please don’t apply…If you are someone looking to grow and develop the gift God put in you to help others while earning income you are the candidate we are looking for.

We are looking for God motivated people who focus on using their God given gifts to help other while working from your home office. 

We strive to produce leaders and business owners not employee

New-Miracles, LLC is not the company for everyone as we have biblical standards for that must represent the God of the Bible, So if you lifestyle is not inline with scripture please do not apply as when you work with New-Miracles you represent the Kingdom of God and we don’t take this lightly.

Please remember: Everything in life is an opportunity its up to you how you manage it.

New-Miracles, LLC encourages creativity and efficiency while staying focused on the purpose: Making a Change, The Righteous way!!!


Serves as an Information Technology Specialist responsible for planning and acquisition of designated information technology assets; Conducts extensive research and performs analytical studies; Applies configuration management disciplines to formally document the functional and physical characteristics of a system/network; Functions as a technical specialist for computer systems security; Insures that inquiries and problems concerning computer hardware and software service are expeditiously resolved; Uses established practices and techniques to plan and develop operations tests plans; Performs feasibility studies in order to develop or modify data base systems to meet user requirements; Provides consultation and instruction to functional area users on complex database; Require travel.

Job Description:  Under general supervision, coordinates the employment, application and interview process for the Company; manages personnel functions to include benefits administration, leave records, personnel transactions, workers’ compensation, processing midpoint reviews and performance management forms; Performs general clerical duties; may process payroll.


Job Responsibilities:

May be reached at any given time by the HR Director; coordinates the employment, application, and interviewing process. (Performed by all incumbents); receives approved requests for recruitment and processes in a timely manner; prepares notices of vacancies within established time periods and according to established

guidelines and procedures; screens applications for qualifications and forwards applications that meet the minimum qualifications to appropriate interviewing supervisor for review; may verify employment history and status of other screening requirements; properly maintains recruitment files and disposes of files using established retention guidelines; Coordinates applicant appointment process for new hires in assigned area. (Performed by all incumbents); receives approved hiring packets and completes processing using established guidelines; schedules drug test and ensures the completion of medical and physical forms; reviews applicant selection data submitted by interviewing managers for compliance with selection criteria and applicable rules and regulations. Notes any issues or trends and discusses with supervisor; prepares offer of employment letter and submits to supervisor for approval; maintains accurate and up-to-date recruitment and selection documentation for EEOC monitoring; reviews and processes personnel and/or position transactions; may enter transactions data. (Performed by all incumbents); reviews requests for personnel and/or position actions for completeness, accuracy and conformity with appropriate regulations; makes appropriate corrections following consultation/notification of proper individuals; correctly codes personnel actions and other transaction; enters data according to prescribed format and procedures; Corrects as necessary; Prepares Separation Notices on assigned employees and submits to supervisor for review, signature and processing; appropriately documents personnel actions in appropriate records systems; Properly files all paperwork; Closes files on assigned employees and enters resignation/termination data into computer; communicates promptly and courteously with office staff about personnel transaction problems that cannot be resolved at the local level; Informs supervisor promptly of any difficulties that cannot be resolved in a timely or satisfactory manner; Coordinates and processes Flexible Benefits packages for new employees and during open enrollment periods. (Performed by all incumbents); Explains enrollment procedures and alternatives to employees in a complete, accurate and professional manner; reviews all paperwork for accuracy and completeness; Forwards individual employee benefit information to the appropriate authority before/within established time frames. Forwards confirmation statements to employees within established time frames; Orders personnel-related forms and booklets as necessary and maintains adequate supply; Negotiates with local physicians for participation in the Workers’ Compensation Program and coordinates process with other state agencies involved. (Performed by all incumbents.); Appropriately makes contact with physicians to solicit participation in a Workers’ Compensation Program; receives information from injured employee, completes First Report of Injury Form within established time frames; receives and forwards medical bills from staff, physicians, and hospitals, etc. and forwards to appropriate organization; discusses problems/concerns with appropriate employee’s supervisor and with the insurance representative; maintains confidentiality of employee’s injury; properly maintains Workers’ Compensation files ensuring all information contained within files is appropriate and within Workers’ Compensation guidelines; processes and maintains leave records. (Performed by some incumbents); properly processes and maintains leave records according to established guidelines; accurately calculates all leave taken and accrued in accordance with Fair Labor Standards Act; properly initiates personnel actions for employees on leave without pay; correctly files all paperwork, including time sheets and leave requests; accurately answers employee’s questions and properly advises them on the correct use of leave. Promptly resolves leave-related issues; accurately enters leave-related data into computer within established time frames; performs general clerical duties, such as answering the phone, maintaining files, completing reports, performing limited typing or related duties; responds to inquiries about the employees. (Performed by some incumbents); answers, screens and routes telephone calls promptly and courteously to appropriate staff; delivers complete, accurate, and legible messages in a timely manner; completes required reports and other documentation accurately and in a timely manner; thoroughly reviews reports and corrects or resolves any discrepancies; properly maintains personnel files; observes all confidentiality requirements; accurately categorizes and files general operating materials; Cleans files according to established procedures and properly forwards records to archives; Accurately types, proofreads and corrects letters, forms and other personnel-related documents; properly responds to all inquiries and requests for information in a courteous and timely manner; processes midpoint reviews and performance management forms. (Performed by some incumbents);

properly distributes appropriate mid-point reviews and performance management forms to supervisors in a timely manner; properly and tactfully advises managers on compliance with applicable policies, procedures and deadlines; reviews performance management forms for appropriate signatures and thoroughly checks forms for completeness and accuracy and returns them by established deadlines; accurately enters performance management information into the computer by the established deadline; properly files all performance management-related paperwork; processes payroll and payroll adjustment and resolves related problems. (Performed by some incumbents.); accurately calculates salary increases, hourly pay, and other payments to employees so that incidents of audit exceptions resulting from miscalculations are within acceptable minimums and that overtime pay is in accordance with Fair Labor Standards Act; correctly codes and enters payments to employees prior to established payroll cutoff dates; properly executes the writing of payroll close-out checks and payroll reports (tax, insurance, credit union, FICA, retirement, savings bonds, etc.) based on established guidelines and procedures. Accurately processes checks for direct bank deposits; properly files all paperwork;

Reviews payroll balances for accuracy prior to running payroll; displays a high level of effort and commitment to performing work; operates effectively within the organizational structure; demonstrates trustworthiness and responsible behavior. (Performed by all incumbents); demonstrates eagerness to learn and assume responsibility; seeks out and accepts increased responsibility; displays a “can do” approach to work.

Shows persistence and seeks alternatives when obstacles arise; seeks alternative solutions; does things before being asked or forced to by events; works within the system in a resourceful manner to accomplish reasonable work goals; shows flexibility in response to process change and adapts to and accommodates new methods and procedures; accepts direction and feedback from supervisors and follows through appropriately; works when scheduled; begins and ends work as expected; calls in according to policy when arriving late for work or when absent; observes provisions of Fair Labor Standards Act; observes policies on break and lunch periods; uses work time appropriately; And any other duties that may be assigned.  Require travel.


Minimum Qualifications:
Two year of full-time work experience as a personnel technician or the equivalent OR 90 quarter hours of college coursework and two years of full-time work experience in personnel support that involved primary responsibility for personnel functions (ie., evaluations, transactions, time and leave, benefits, workers’ compensation and etc.)

Preferred Qualifications:
A bachelor’s degree at a four-year college or university and two years of full-time work experience as a personnel technician.

At New-Miracles, LLC we believe your work is apart of your ministry